.htaccess redirections

Simply redirecting a domain, ending with source to target/index.html

RewriteRule ^source/?$ http://www.test.de/target/index.html [L]

Redirecting can also be done with the Redirect Command

Redirect 301 /source /target/some-folder

Redirecting a complete folder structure can be done like this:

RedirectMatch 301 ^/source/(.*)$ http://mydomain.de/target/$1

Redirect a request for a specific file to a folder (http://www.test/upload/file.pdf -> http://www.test.de/downloads/)
The flag R stands for redirect, L stands for Last (the rule will be executed immediately, without chaining another rule)

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^/?file\.pdf$ http://www.test.de/downloads/ [R, L]


perform action on multiple files found with find command

In reality you have quite often perform a certain command on several files. First i detect all files I’m looking for and store them in a filelist.

find . -name "myFilename" > filelist.txt

Second i run through this file, line by line and perform my command on all filename I’ve received one step before.

while read -r LINE; do echo "$LINE"; done < filelist.txt

You need to replace in several files. You can do it with sed. Be aware about masking special chars. In the example below the string „my\folder“ is replaced with „your\folder“.
Replacing with sed works like this: sed -i s#old#new#g
The delimiter (in this case the #) can be changed. The first sign after the s acts as delimiter.

while read -r LINE; do
sed -i s#\"my\/folder\",\"your\/folder\"#g "$LINE";
done < filenames.txt