MTA stands for „mail transfer agent“. Popular ones are sendmail, exim and postfix.

If you want to know what MTA is running locally you can check which program listens on port 25:

You might also telnet on port 25 and let the MTA himself respond who he is:


For configuring exim4 the preferred way is to use the graphical interface, call it with:



Some usefull commands:

change your nick

List channels on current server

Join a channel named „channelname“

Leave a channel


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Easiest way to check a connection for a MSSQL database:

Create a file called : myfile.udl

Paste the following content (make sure to use your settings):


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Do you want to know how often words occur in a pdf file? And sort them by the most occurring word:

Let’s break it down step by step:

displays the pdf content on the command-line


replaces all control characters (cntrl), all numbers (digits) and all punctuation characters (punct) with an empty string.
See here for character classes.

replaces all spaces with a newline


The last part sorts the output, groups unique lines and prefix them with the amount and finally sort them again
with ignored leading blanks (-b), sort numeric (-n), in reverse order (-r)

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Let’s have a look which packages are already installed and show only those with „php“ in the name. A fresh system usually shouldn’t give any results.

Next you can check what kind of modules are available. Do it like this:

Now install the php7 base packages with the command:

Now install some other packages for php:


Try this out:


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Sometimes it happens that you can’t use your services cause they deal with blocked ports. For exampel you use mysql on the commandline and it is by some reason denied. A proxy can help you. Tsocks helps you to use a proxy. Tsocks is a library for intercepting outgoing network connections and redirecting them through a SOCKS server.

install tsocks with

Configure the file /etc/tsocks.conf

and finally call your command like this:



List all Instances

Stop an EC2 instance

Start an EC2 instance