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Oktober 4, 2017 stefan 0

If you want to search words that are not spelled correctly you can use mysql’s buildin SOUNDEX function: SELECT * FROM po_images WHERE SOUNDEX(`keyword`) LIKE CONCAT( ‚%‘,SUBSTRING(SOUNDEX(‚wronk spellet […]

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Monitoring network traffic

August 8, 2017 stefan 0

tcpdump You want to track all incomming http-Headers on your Webserver? sudo tcpdump -A -s 10240 ‚tcp port 80‘ | egrep –line-buffered „^……..(GET |HTTP\/|POST |HEAD […]

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dealing with local mta

Juli 10, 2017 stefan 0

MTA stands for „mail transfer agent“. Popular ones are sendmail, exim and postfix. If you want to know what MTA is running locally you can check […]

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test smtp with swaks

Juli 4, 2017 stefan 0

The swiss army knife for smtp is swaks: you simply may download the script from the page and execute it like this: perl swaks  

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Juni 26, 2017 stefan 0

Some usefull commands: change your nick /nick theSilentRider List channels on current server /list Join a channel named „channelname“ /j #channelname Leave a channel /l […]

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Juni 14, 2017 stefan 0

Easiest way to check a connection for a MSSQL database: Create a file called : myfile.udl Paste the following content (make sure to use your […]

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php packages installation

Mai 15, 2017 stefan 0

Let’s have a look which packages are already installed and show only those with „php“ in the name. A fresh system usually shouldn’t give any […]

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Formating in the linux console

April 25, 2017 stefan 0

Try this out: echo -e „\e[1mBld\e[0m \e[2mDim\e[0m \e[3mIta\e[0m \e[4mUdl\e[0m \e[5mBlk\e[0m \e[6mNrm\e[0m \e[7mIvt\e[0m \e[8mHid\e[0m \e[9mStk\e[0m“